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The Neurological Approach 

Dr. Joel Williford is an expert in the area of neurologic-based chiropractic care, and it is his mission to heal the body by treating the NEUROLOGICAL deficiencies in the brain. Dr. Williford has a saying, “balance your brain, balance your life”. He believes that if one learns to control how stress impacts the brain-- thoughts, emotional triggers-- you can avoid the physical effects it has on the body.  While we know that stress is unavoidable in life, Williford Chiropractic and Wellness believes that through neurological reprogramming, physical therapy, and alternative noninvasive, nonsurgical chiropractic care everyone can achieve optimal health and wellness.



South Carolina State College
B.S. Business Management

Fairfield Accident and Injury Center
2006 – 2013

Alberta City Chiropractic
2015 - 2017

Life University of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA
Degree in Chiropractic

Accident and Injury Centers of Alabama
2013 – 2014

Williford Chiropractic and Wellness
2017 - Present