Men’s Health Month: How Chiropractic Care Will Improve Your Overall Health

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At Williford Chiropractic and Wellness we strive to help our patients achieve optimal health through Chiropractic Care. As a result of special realignments or adjustments and, neurological reprogramming we can help you or the brotherhood of men in your life gain control over a variety of health conditions such as Hypertension/High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Chronic Migraines, Back Pain, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Bowel Irregularity, Asthma, overall Organ Functionality and more.

Due to the non-invasive and holistic nature of chiropractic care, patients can receive medical attention without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries, allowing them to heal naturally. It is not presumptuous to assume that everyone can benefit greatly from improved mental clarity, memory and concentration, sleep patterns and stress management. These are but a few of the benefits chiropractic care and neurological reprogramming can offer.    

As we settle into Men’s Health Month, we hope to garner the attention of Birmingham male’s of all ages. We hope that this concise breakdown of the many ways you can use regular Chiropractic visits to combat and even heal many of today’s most common health ailments are compelling.

Do yourself and the other men in your life-- Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew-- a favor by urging them to check in on their health this month. If you or someone you know are managing any of the common health infirmities mentioned above, and are interested in achieving optimal health through alternative treatment with chiropractic care, contact us today!

Give the gift of improved health for Father’s Day this year!

After consultation and discovery, treatment visits start at $125.00 per session. Gift cards are valid for one year (year-to-date). Book initial consult within 30-days of purchase and get a Stress Response Evaluation at half-price ($79).

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